The National Republic of Iceland

In the summer of 930, immigrants of various nationalities in Iceland founded the National Republic of Iceland, often refferred to as the Commonwealth of Iceland.

In 1264 the National Republic formed a federation with the Kingdom of Norway which recognized the sovereignty of both individual states, sharing one head-of state.

Later in 1662 the joint Kingdom of Denmark and Norway dissolved illegally the Icelandic state and later formed the?Democratic Republic of Iceland?1944, through danish-established elites.

In the summer of 2013, in accordance with ancient traditions and laws, a group of Icelandic people re-instated the National Republic of Iceland and declared the Democratic Republic of Iceland to be illegal and to be representative of corrupt foreign influence by Icelandic Quislings.

In the autumn of 2016, the National Republic of Iceland rejected unilaterally the federation agreement from 1264 and declared it broken and void.

Since 2013, the National Republic of Iceland has defined its constitution, based on ancient traditions and values brought into line with modern thinking and methods. The sate uses the subtitle micronation to make it?easier for non Icelandic readers to distinguish between the two states which now claim the right to rule on the Icelandic territory in the North Atlantic.

The National Republic of Iceland is the oldest democracy in the world, and was the first of it’s kind to define freedom of religion and to ensure rights of all its citizens regardless of gender and status while Europe was engulfed in the dark ages.

This is the official homepage of the state.

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