The flag

The flag has a base color of light-blue or skye-blue with a broad white cross in the center. The flag is of traditional size and measure. A proper image, with measurements, proportions and color codes will appear on this page in due course.

The flag is based on an older flag which was often used by Icelandic Nationalists in Iceland between 1890 and 1917. Both versions are considered legally valid within the state, though the one with the centered cross is the official flag.

The original from 1890, was suggested and designed by the poet and philosopher Einar Benediktsson, whose memory ?is cherished.

There also exists a version with the same dark-blue color as is used in the flag of the Democratic Republic. That version is also a valid version of our flag, though is expected to be phased out in due course.

The logo-image, having the flag in the center of an outline of the Icelandic land, is a logo which any citizen is allowed to use in any way he or she sees fit, as it is a symbol and not an official insignia.

Insignia and emblem awaits a fully matured design, but discussions are alive and well, and the symbolic direction is clear. As is our tradition, we try to keep matters brewing in our grassroots rather than submitting to expedience through committees.

It should be noted that many of these discussion revolve around respected and firmly rooted Icelandi mythology of the entities of our land and our heritage.

The flag is defined in our constitution which also allows for a renewed referendum on the official flag every hundred years. In 2015 Althing stated new laws onto proper use and handling of our flag.

Only citizens of the National Republic of Iceland are allowed to use the National Flag of the republic. No foreign entities are allowed to use it in any capacity without explicit permission of the state. No entity in The Democratic Republic of Iceland is?allowed to use the flag under any circumstances, except to declare allegiance to the National republic.

We are very proud of the saga and meaning of?involving our flag and take any abuse of it very gravely.




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