English website

In october 2016 it was suggested in a local assembly that the state should open an english portal to its website and begin the process of translating the current constitution into english. This was later confirmed nationwide to be appropriate. It was not deemed necessary to bring it to Althing (the national assembly) but was discussed on the forum where citizens vote electronically on national and local matters.

In accordance with the tradition by which we conduct our affairs since the National Republic was re-instated, this decision has passed through an unofficial referendum. A tradition we’re very proud of and take very seriously, though it’s method differs a little from traditional referendums as they’re usually known.

The same administrator who takes care of the Icelandic site takes care of?the english site, namely Guy Ellis Hreinberg?(Gu?j?n El?as), who was in November 2016 elected (in electronic referendum) to head the “Information Agency”?which is defined in our constitution.




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